Friday, March 31, 2006

March Madness

This seems to happen every March -- a protracted illness invades our house around Sean's birthday. Some traditions really aren't worth upholding.

This is the first day we're all mostly functional. The day after I wrote the preceding post was my worst -- even holding my head up, let alone walking around, was too tiring, and I wound up sleeping most of the afternoon. Fortunately, Jeff was home this week (on "vacation", which meant of course that he just worked from home); otherwise I'd have been quite stuck.

A quick survey of the house the next day revealed that all that seemingly pointless housework I do each day does actually amount to something -- when it's not done routinely, the cumulative effects are pretty striking!

At any rate, the kids are getting better, too, and we are all working toward improving our general temperament. Nothing like illness to bring out the extreme crankies. For some of us (*cough*Allie*cough), illness brings first clinginess (which was kind of endearing), then mommyitis (less so when the mommy can't get off the couch), and, finally, dictator-like demands delivered via shrieking and whining.

We've watched entirely too much television this week, and I'm glad that we now have the energy to do other things instead. Heck, even I watched TV for myself, something I never ever do during the day. I chose the Food Network since it seemed to provide the most kid-friendly grown-up programming. I've decided that Rachel Ray gives me a headache after five minutes and that the Barefoot Contessa is the perfect calm antidote to Ray's excessively bubbly persona. And is it just me, or has Alton Brown just gotten too self-satisfied and gimmicky for his own good? You'd think that all this interest in cooking shows would translate into actual cooking on my part, but alas my complete lack of talent is a rather large stumbling block.

It's supposed to be 75 degrees today. Windows will be opened, short-sleeved shirts will be worn, it will be a good day. I hope to catch up with you all now that I'm better. Bye for now!