Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Down the Drain

There's a new fear in town -- bathwater. Or, to be more specific, bathwater spiraling down the bath drain.

A few weeks ago, Allie threw a huge fit after getting out of the bathtub. Translating from freakout language to English took a while, but I finally figured out that she was upset about the water draining from the tub. Replugging the plug stopped the water flow and the tantrum.

A few weeks later, she is still scarred. Every time she gets out of the tub she admonishes me, "I don't like the water going down, Mommy! Make the water stay!" So I just leave the water cooling in the tub and drain it after she's in bed.

I thought the coast was clear last night around 9:45. I pulled out the stopper and left the room. But then. Wailing from Allie's room rose above the whooshing water sound -- it turns out that the coast wasn't so clear after all. I quickly replaced the stopper and soothed Allie back to sleep. At 11:00 I had better luck draining the tub.

Is it just my child who harbors these strange fears?