Monday, February 06, 2006

Y'All Are So Wise, and Another Dip into the Reader Mailbag

Thanks so much for all the words of encouragement and support on my whiny post! It was just what I needed to re-gain some clarity about parenting and life and stuff.

Since I am a little pressed for time today, I'll take advantage of my ready-made blogging fodder and answer another question.

From Rachel: What is the first book you remember loving (whether you could read it to yourself or not)?

Great question! For me, it's Richard Scarry's Best Storybook Ever. I spent innumerable hours poring over this book and listening to my mom and sisters read it to me. It consists of a zillion little stories and illustrations, all of which seem to have been burned into my brain. This is also the first book I read by myself (age 3 or early 4) -- I distinctly remember sitting on the couch, no adult in the vicinity, and painstakingly reading a one-page story. I still recall that feeling of triumph.

I still have my copy of the book, and my sister Beth also bought Sean and Allie their own copy this Christmas. Sean has taken to the book, too, and after getting over the excitement of introducing him to this beloved text, I have to admit being a little disappointed over the quality of the stories. The illustrations are still adorable, but the writing? Blechh. "Pedestrian" is the kindest adjective I can come up with. Oh well. I realize now that it's the images that really stood out for me. In fact, they are as comforting to me now as they were when I was a child.

When Sean and Allie are older, I'll be eager to hear how they answer this question!