Wednesday, February 15, 2006

This One's for Archival Purposes

Games the kids like to play:

I Spy: Sean is pretty good, but Allie just doesn't quite get it. "I spy with my little eye … something that is THOMAS THE TANK ENGINE!" or "I spy … something that is blue." And then, after we've exhausted every possible blue item in the room, we ask her what she spied: "I don't know…. I mean, something that is GREEN!"

Simon Says: Oh, how Allie loves this game. Her face lights up with each command. Particular favorites are "Simon says jump" and "Simon says fly like an airplane" (we all run around the house with our arms outstretched). Mommy's favorite is "Simon says go to sleep" -- we get blankets and snuggle on the couch, making loud snoring noises.

Huckle-Buckle Beanstalk (hide an object and have the kids try to find it): Again, Sean has gotten the hang of this, although he does tend to choose the same hiding space over and over again, but Allie is still a little young. The best part is hearing her say "hucky bucky beanstalk".

Hide and seek: Sean gets so excited when it's his turn to hide that he bursts out of the hiding space as soon as he hears my footsteps: "Here I am!" Always followed by a huge hug. And Allie tags along after Sean, usually not even bothering to hide but rather serving as a beacon to the general hiding area.

Train game: This is one they created themselves. They clear out every blessed piece of cookware in a few kitchen cabinets and wedge themselves in. "Bye, Mommy. We're going to Germany." (It's always Germany.) They have appropriated some of Jeff's business cards as train tickets, although instead of using them for themselves they distribute them to Jeff and me. Once we have our tickets, they can go on their trip. Game ends when they try to fit into the same cabinet and tensions erupt over the too-close quarters.

Playdough smash: We've made some ourselves (great fun!) and use the commercial kind (I love that smell). Sean creates a mound out of the playdough and smashes his trains into it. Other trains come along to rescue the train that's stuck. Simple but apparently quite engaging -- he can play this game for literally an entire hour. The only participation required of me is to supply voices from time to time: "Okay, Mommy. Now you say 'Gordon, you are a MESS!' Now say 'You can pull him out, Percy!'"

What are your kids' favorite games?