Friday, February 17, 2006

More Questionable Parenting Decisions

Yesterday included a few particularly cringe-inducing decisions.

1. To save my sanity from yet another viewing of Toy Story, I could have simply suggested watching another video we already own. I could have, gasp, suggested playing a game or doing something, you know, active. What did I do instead? I purchased Toy Story 2. Wait, it gets better. Midway through the movie, Sean starts crying; he tells me that he doesn't like the movie. Further prodding reveals that he's frightened of the Emperor Zurg character (who was only mentioned in the first movie). End of movie. Back to Toy Story 1.

2. At dinner time, you may have overheard one clearly desperate mother cajole her children with this unsanctioned-by-the-experts statement: "You can have a piece of Valentine's candy if you eat some fruit with your dinner" (vegetables are never an option unless they're buried in a muffin somehow). Yep, there I was, fortifying the foundation for a lifetime of unhealthy eating habits. But you know what? It worked.

And look, it's only the morning of the next day. An entire day in which to make additional ill-considered decisions! Ahh, life and its endless possibilities.