Monday, February 27, 2006

Cute/Not Cute


Sean: "Mommy, did you know John is my best friend? When he comes over my house, I'm going to tell him he's my best friend and that Daddy is my best friend also. And I'm going to show him how I do a somersault."

Allie: "Mommy, Leroy is MY best friend" (Leroy is our neighbor's dog. Allie has never actually met him -- just seen and heard his raucous, incessant barking.)


Allie, offering me a plastic teacup and saucer: "Mommy, do you want some tea party?"


(Preface: We went to McDonald's last week, not to eat but to play at the indoor playground. Sadly, this has made an impression.)

Me: We're going to the diner for breakfast tomorrow.
(Next day) Sean: Oh, wow, we're going to McDiner for breakfast today!

Not Cute

...After a mighty struggle to get pajamas on, taking both the pajamas and the diaper off and running around the upstairs, shrieking "I don't WANT jammas on! I want to go HOME!"

Definitely, Positively, Absolutely Not Cute

Scribbling all over the LCD monitor with purple crayon.