Friday, February 10, 2006

Allie Goes for a Car Ride

Setting the scene: Allie and I have already staged the Great Shoe Battle and the I Must Put My Own Coat On, Don't Tell ME It's on Upside Down Conflict, and participated in the newest track and field event, "Run around the Yard While Mommy Chases You." Not yet had our fill of drama, we've also squared off in a round of Carseat Détente.

Okay, now we're on our merry way.

"Mommy, is dat ice cream store open?"
"Why those kids getting ice cream cones?" (Yes, it's February. I wouldn't want ice cream cones, either.)
"Where the ice cream truck? Is it sleeping in the garage?"
"Why we stopped? Mommy, Go!"
"Go, Mommy!"
"Why that car carrier carrying a truck?"
"Oh, it's a TOW truck?"
"Go, Mommy!"
"Oh. Why is dat light red?"
"Mommy, can you sing Wheels on the Bus and Twinkle Little Star and Thomas and Bob the Builder and Wheels on the Bus and Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer and ABCs and Baba Blacksheep and Wheels on the Bus?"
"No, no, no! The horn on the bus goes honk AND BEEP!!!"
"No! Not 'driver on the bus'! Do 'lights on the bus!'"
"No, Sean, don't sing ABCs! Sing Wheels on the Bus!"
"The sun! The sun! AAAAHHHH!!"
"Sun! Get out of my car, sun!"
"I don't WANNA close my eyes. Make sun go away!"
"Okay, now I sing. 'They two they four they six they eight, shunting trucks and haulding freight…"

Seven minutes down, ten to go…