Monday, January 16, 2006

Noncompetitive, Till I Win the Game

Even with our company, this was a pretty low-key weekend. Not that this is a bad thing. Most memorable moment: two rousing rounds of the music version of Scene It (a DVD-based trivia game). Jeff and I totally.wiped.the.floor with our competition. Between the two of us, it seems we possess an embarrassing amount of useless pop-music knowledge.

I'm not a competitive person, but even I am amazed at the spirit of giving that Jeff's little sister Jamie shows during games. She's always helping out the other teams, even if it's to the detriment of her own. This does not always make her the most popular person in the room.

To wit: Jeff's parents were in third place, and benevolent Jamie decided to give them a little assistance. One trivia question's answer was The Doors. As Jeff's parents were tossing out incorrect answers before the timer went off, Jamie whispered loudly "Ding dong! Ding dong!" Jeff's dad picked up on the clue and answered "Oh! The Doors!" The other game players promptly dismissed that answer and contemplated removing Jamie's question-reading privileges. When Eric Clapton was the answer to another question, Jamie's clue, much more blatant this time, was "His son died when he fell out a window." Blatant but ineffective -- they still didn't get it. Thus solidifying Jeff's and my formidable lead.

I think next time we may not be allowed to be on the same team together.