Friday, January 13, 2006

Looks Like I've Got Some Homework To Do!

Wow! You guys sure know how to keep a girl busy. Thanks so much for the terrific questions. At this rate I won't have to come up with a topic of my own for at least a week.

Since we're having visitors this weekend (Jeff's parents and sisters), I'll answer an easy one now. The rest, alas, must wait till next week.

Suzan (Hey! So good to hear from you!) asked: "Chunky peanut butter or smooth?"

Smooth, definitely. I suppose that I am not fundamentally opposed to chunky peanut butter, but I just can't imagine introducing a new texture to my beloved peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. The one concession to change I've made in the past few years is a switch to natural peanut butter. Talk about an adjustment period. I love sugar-laden commercial peanut butter, oh yes I do. But with time even a sugarholic like myself was able to get used to the natural stuff.


Well, the house is clean at last (thank goodness my in-laws visit frequently; how else would we be sufficiently motivated to clean every room?), and I am heading off to bed. Have a good weekend!