Thursday, January 19, 2006

Blogger Playdate

Guess what? Guess what?

I got to meet Amy yesterday!

As some of you probably know, she's visiting her parents on the East Coast, within driving distance, it turns out, of me! Even a high-wind, torrential rain storm did not deter us.

You'd probably infer from her blog that Amy is just wonderful, and she's even more so in person. Funny, down to earth, easy to talk to, and so sweet and gentle with her kids. Also as I suspected, Isaac and Vivian are adorable. AND they eat blueberries and cranberries, willingly, for snacks. As a parent with kids who champion an "all-grain, all-the-time" diet, I find this nothing short of miraculous.

We spent a lovely morning and part of the afternoon hanging out while the kids played. Sean and Isaac really hit it off, and Allie and Vivian played right next to each other with no disputes at all! Once we moved from the basement/playroom to the upstairs, though, Allie's gold star for behavior became tarnished as she ran completely amuck through Amy's parents' house. For better or worse, that is my girl. Still, even with a kid:child ratio of 4:2, we did manage to keep the chaos to a minimum.

It was so cool to meet one of my favorite bloggers in person. Such a shame we live on opposite sides of the country! Though I guess we'll always have Delaware.