Thursday, January 26, 2006

Answers to Your Most Pressing Questions, Part 6

It's Isabella's turn this time: "What did you want to be when you grew up?"

Had you asked this question when I was around 5 or 6, I'd have said, "Artist". This based on nothing but whim, apparently, for I didn't then and do not now possess any artistic ability. I think I liked art in theory at that age. Fortunately I seem to have handled the reality of my skills with grace, moving on to...

Nurse. This lasted for a few years when I was in grade school. I admire nurses intensely and wish I had the fortitude and stomach for the profession. But, no. This career goal was pretty short-lived (and I wonder why I chose nurse instead of doctor?).

Then, probably around age 13, I thought it would be cool to work in advertising. I saw myself moving to New York and living a fabulous, creative urban life. Except that I'm not creative. At all.

Writer, then? I did also fancy a writing/journalist career for a while. Writing was something that always came easily to me, and I'd gotten quite a bit of positive feedback for it in high school. But having to talk to actual people and interview them for a living? No way. If you think my aversion to talking to other people is ridiculous now, you should have seen me as a teenager.

So. About my senior year of high school, I decided on a career and field that would suit both my temperament and my abilities: editing and publishing. I know some people stumble into editing, but for me it was a deliberate choice. Since then, I've never really seen myself doing anything else. I've been quite fortunate that I found a job in my field right after college and that my interest in it has not flagged.

Every now and then I toy with the idea of switching careers completely, to something with more, I don't know, social value. For a while I was considering getting a Masters in Public Health; more recently I've wondered about becoming a social worker. Maybe I will change careers someday. For now, though, I like what I do, whether it's done in the context of full-time outside employment or freelancing.

For a smooth seque, I should answer Danigirl's question next. Check back soon for that one!