Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Answers to Your Most Pressing Questions, Part 5

Jennifer wanted to know "To which magazines do you subscribe?"

I'm a somewhat reformed magazine junkie. Right now I subscribe to just two: Newsweek and Brain, Child. That doesn't feel like quite enough, though, especially since the latter comes out just four times a year. In between issues, I have to fill my appetite for thoughtful articles on parenting with blogs. Oh, the sacrifices!

In my heyday, about 2 or 3 years ago, the magazine stacks were perilously high: I subscribed to Newsweek, Parents, Child, Entertainment Weekly, Utne Reader, Mother Jones, and Book. I whittled the prescriptions down one by one for a few reasons. Lack of time, guilt over all that paper accumulating in my house, guilt over my own personal inadequacies (I couldn't read an issue of Utne or Mother Jones without wanting to fling myself from the roof of my consumer-goods-stocked house, and rather than, you know, make myself a better, more progressive person I just turned off the tap), annoyance over the chirpy tone and consumerist focus of the two commercial parenting magazines (hey, I'm entitled to be a bundle of contradictions), and poor business performance (I loved Book magazine and was so disappointed when it folded).

I am feeling the need for another magazine. Any suggestions? (Forget The New Yorker. As much as I'd love it, there's just no way I'd have time to read it.)