Monday, December 26, 2005

'Twas the Morning After Christmas

Before our company descends later today, I just wanted everyone to know that Christmas 2005 was a rousing success hereabouts. Despite my grumpy demeanor leading up to Christmas Eve, we all had a terrific day.

At 8:00 (Yay! Starting off with a Christmas miracle!), I heard Sean's feet hit the floor, and listened as walked out of his room and over to the top of the stairs. A sharp intake of breath, followed by a hushed, awed, "Presents!" He came into my room, tapped me on the shoulder, and said, "Mommy! I want to show you something!" He led me by the hand to show me the two carefully arranged stacks of presents under the tree. "Look! Santa was HERE!" A quick trip to the kitchen confirmed that Santa indeed had eaten the cookies and drank the milk we left him (we had had to reign in the number of cookies left for Santa the night before because Mommy, I mean Santa, had already eaten about 10,000 cookies that day).

Allie's reaction was a little more subdued, but she takes most of her cues from Sean and seemed pretty psyched, too.

All the presents were hits. Seeing Sean's excitement over each and every gift, especially the ones he had asked Santa for, is something I hope I never forget.

The best nonmaterial gift of the day, for me, was the sheer bliss of finally, after four Christmases with kids, being able to partake in my favorite Christmas morning activity: reading. The kids were now old enough to just play quietly (No fighting! Another Christmas miracle!), while Jeff and I lounged about in front of the tree. I know I haven't been reading much lately, so I suppose I shouldn't be revealing that what immediately grabbed my attention on Christmas morning was this. But it is just too engaging to pass up. When I'm done with the fluff, though, there's always this for a more substantive meal.

My mom came over for Christmas dinner (lasagna, because the prospect of one of those traditional holiday dinners filled me with dread, plus because I'm lazy that way), a lovely way to cap off the day. Last night, in her crib, Allie told me solemnly, "Santa comes tonight!"

If only, sweetie. But with all the family visits ahead of us, Christmas will last a lot longer than one day.