Friday, December 02, 2005

Speaking of TV...

In my Christmas Acculturation Campaign, I've been singing Christmas songs in the car, planned a trip for our first Santa photo shoot, begun opening our Advent calendar, explained the biblical Christmas story, and been reading one or two Christmas-themed books. I've even taken the kids shopping with me (one "quick" trip to the mall that ground to a halt in front of the fountain -- my kids seem to have poor aim when it comes to pitching pennies into the fountain, didn't want to move until they had successfully lobbed the coinage, and wouldn't accept my help).

Next up, logically, would be viewing Christmas shows. The Grinch, Charlie Brown, Frosty -- all childhood favorites that I'd like my kids to see. But then there's the show about a certain reindeer. Should I expose my kids to a show I think imparts a truly dreadful message? After reading this post last year, my sister Kathie says that the show just isn't the same for her anymore.

I wasn't harmed by watching Rudolph as a child, certainly, and perhaps it's not that big a deal. I suppose I will let them watch it and then, when they're a little older, I'll explain Rudolph's dark side.