Monday, December 12, 2005

Miss Me?

You'd think that my blogging respite would have given me ample time to cogitate over new and exciting post topics.

Unfortunately, you'd be wrong.

However, I did have a pretty fun weekend. And even if the retelling lacks the sparkle of direct experience, I'll still write about that so that you all don't give up on me completely.

Jeff and I hosted an actual grown-up dinner party on Saturday. I suppose it could also be characterized as simply "having friends over for dinner," but since I freed the china and crystal from the confines of the dining room breakfront, I've decided that the more upscale term applies. I think that in the almost 10 years that we've owned it, I've used this stuff only once before. This will give you some indication of how robust our elegant-dining life is.

Other than completely freaking out about dinner throughout the entirety of Saturday, it was a great success. It's not that the guests were going to be judgmental or anything; my friends from my former work and their husbands would be gracious even if the dinner were a complete disaster. Hmm. Maybe they were just being gracious after all when they had seconds…

Anyway. I've missed seeing my friends, and I really enjoyed reconnecting with them. I'm also kind of chuffed that I was able to pull it all off even with the kids there. Who, by the way, were just about perfect during dinner. Thank you, 90-minute Caillou's Holiday Movie! This has me all invigorated about the possibility of having company more often.

On Sunday, Landismom invited us over to bake Christmas cookies. Her post about this is very funny (LM, it was a GREAT idea, and you handled everything so calmly that I was mentally taking notes.) My kids had a terrific time. It's inspired me to go out and purchase a rolling pin and cookie cutters to make our own sugar cookies. (Look, I'm not a baker. I do bake cookies this time of year, just not those that require any skill.)

Wait, there's more! Hard to believe, isn't it? THEN we visited my brother- and sister-in-law to see their festive Christmas decorations. Allie and Sean were awed by the 8-foot inflatable snowman and light-up candy canes lining the walk. (Sean's already taken me to task over own our dim outdoor display. Consisting of three wreaths, no lights. Someday, kid.) At the diner where we all had dinner afterward, Allie made no bones about the fact that she did not like the balloon artist. At all. While he fashioned her an Elmo balloon creation, she glowered, she furrowed her brow, she whined quietly. After he left our table, she called out cheerfully, "Bye, Balloon Man!"

To cap off this flurry of social engagements, we are just about to leave for a playdate with one of Sean's classmates. Yes, I finally did work up the nerve to ask the boy's mom. It turns out that her son consistently mentions Sean, too. Wish us luck!

Have I made up for not posting for so many days?