Sunday, November 20, 2005

Suggestion Box

For the moment, I have reached my fill of the All Beatles, All the Time format that's been playing on our stereo. I thought I'd try something novel and actually expose my kids to, shudder, kiddie music.

Right now we have one kids' CD -- it complemented the toddler music class the Sean attended last year. It's not too bad, and I recall enough of the pantomimes and games that accompanied the song that I can conduct my very own toddler music class at home. But. We're all a little tired of this one, too.

Which brings me to the sad fact that I have no idea who the cool kid's artists are these days. But you all do, I'm sure. Any suggestions for us? (For my sister Beth, if she happens to read this -- what is the name of that CD we listened to when we visited you over the summer?)