Monday, November 07, 2005

The Blahs

First, thanks everyone for your comments on my post about my fears of a dwindling intellect. If you haven't read all the comments, I'd recommend that highly -- there's a lot to ponder there.


I've been feeling at loose ends lately. I'm not sure what's at the root. Part of it, I think, is a sense of isolation kicking in. With the weather turning cool and the daylight ending so early, our outside-play time has been curtailed. We used to spend the stretch between dinner and bedtime outside; now we have to come up with yet another indoor activity to occupy us. And by that time of day, my inventiveness is completely tapped out. So far I've avoided the dreaded "Oh, fine, let's just watch a video" solution. But I've come close, I tell you.

Since I've been staying at home I haven't had too many opportunities for socializing with other parent/kid teams. I'm gradually realizing that since no one is earnestly seeking our company I need to take the initiative. Go figure, huh? I've just about worked up the nerve to ask the mother of one of Sean's classmates if she'd be interested in having our sons get together for a playdate. He's one of two boys that Sean mentions when I ask who he played with at school (sometimes he responds simply, "Well, I don't really know"). This boy's mother seems friendly enough, but of course I cower under the possibility of rejection. I half-heartedly am hoping to forge a new friendship of my own in addition to helping nourish one of Sean's.

On an adult-interaction level, things have been dormant, too. Two of my closest friends moved over the summer (one three hours away and the other an hour away), leaving me with a grand total of one local friend. Whom, of course, I haven't seen lately anyway. I'm definitely a loner and introvert, but even I am feeling the need for more socializing. Toward that end, Jeff and I invited my brother- and sister-in-law over on Saturday night to watch a movie. (Okay, it was Revenge of the Sith, and now that I've seen it twice I can confirm that George Lucas is the worst writer of dialogue ever.) Seems an obvious solution, doesn't it? I don't know why it takes so much internal wrangling for us to actually invite people over.

Speaking of wrangling, I now have to go determine the cause of Allie's latest meltdown. Only the second one of day!