Thursday, October 06, 2005

My Day, by Mimilou

Well, hi there! Thanks for stopping by! Have a seat and let me tell you about my day.

No, don't leave! Humor me, 'kay? Please?

1. (Starting at 8 a.m.) Drive the usual 20-minute drive to drop off Allie at my sister's house.
2. Completely backtrack to drop Sean off at preschool.
3. Head on home to work for a few hours.
4. On the way to pick up Sean, stop at FedEx office to drop off a package.
5. Pick up Sean.
6. Drive back to my sister's house to drop Sean off. While there, remember that I had not yet ordered party platter for Allie's party (I know, I should be making a hot entrée or something, but fortunately my guests know to expect a deli tray). Order food, acknowledging one benefit of large number of "No" responses---a cheaper party!
7. Drive into Big City for onsite work at a new client. After sustaining heart failure over the price of parking garages near clients' office, head on over to cheapo parking garage, cheapo because it is in Outer Mongolia. After brisk 15-minute walk, arrive at what I had thought was client's building only to discover I was off by about 1.5 blocks. Finally arrive at client's office 30 minutes late. Set off metal detector because of buckles on shoes.
8. Spend 2 hours with new client, eyeing with dismay the pile of 30 manuscript folders with which I am to trundle back to my car. Sorely curse my lack of teleportation abilities.
9. Walk back to my car, drive back to client's office, pick up box of folders that editorial assistant has brought down for me. Thank goodness for editorial assistants with "other tasks as assigned" in their job descriptions!
10. Pick up Sean and Allie at my sister's. Help Sean use the potty, chase Allie around as she evades maneuvers to get her shoes on her feet, please for the love of heaven.
11. Go to shoe repair shop to drop off a pair of, that's right, shoes that need repair.
12. No, come back! I'm almost done!
13. Arrive home, prepare minimalist dinner (pasta with red sauce) that no one eats anyway.
14. Brinnggg! Telephone! Impromptu playdate with neighbor's granddaughter? Sure, why not? Muster up energy to do the Limbo, Hokey-Pokey, and Chicken Dance with two three-year-olds and a two-year-old.
15. Home again, time to clean up the kitchen from dinner, and give the kids their snack.
16. Bathtime, storytime, bedtime. With sick feeling realize that Allie's sole Binky is still at my sister's. (Allie is serious about her Binky. I sometimes sing to her, to the tune of Madonna's "Material Girl"---"I am living in a Binky world, and I am a Binky Girl.") Bedtime may just be a disaster.
17. Okay, not a disaster, but at 9:45 Allie is still awake, singing to the stuffed animals in her crib. But this does help us work toward our goal of Binky deprogramming by her second birthday.
18. Compose blog entry because the thought of all the freelance work I have to do tonight overwhelms me.
19. While I'm at it, will also avoid thinking about the fact that on tap for tomorrow we have Allie's 2-year-old checkup, full house cleaning in preparation for party on Saturday, and full complement of grocery shopping for party.
20. (Crickets chirping.) Hey, where'd everybody go?

There you have it. I probably won't have much time for posting till Sunday night. Have a good weekend!