Sunday, October 30, 2005

And Along the Same Lines...

Even at age 2, Allie has a rather disconcerting ability to identify cartoon, Thomas the Frickin Tank Engine, and Muppet characters. From Caillou to Bert to Clifford, she's already begun stocking up the Useless Knowledge section of her brain.

The exception seems to be a certain Mouse. Spiking a dagger through the hears of Disney branding executives everywhere, Allie refuses to call Mickey Mouse or Minnie Mouse by those names. They're both "Squeaky Mouse" to her, and she tolerates no dissent to this belief. Squeaky Mouse is a green dress-up mouse in our house (similar to Dapper Dan, for those of you of a certain age) who bears no resemblance to Mickey Mouse other than the round ears.

Take that, Michael Eisner! Here's one child who's already resisting the crushing onslaught of marketing to kids. I'm so proud.