Thursday, September 08, 2005

Preschool Launch

All summer, the start of preschool has loomed over us as the Official Potty Training Deadline. Fortunately, by mechanism of some miracle or other, Sean is still doing well in that department, so today at preschool orientation I did not have to throw myself on the mercy of the teacher ("Please! He's SO cute! And smart! Can't you just overlook the Huggies and not tell anyone?").

I wasn't sure how Sean would be today. Clingy? Shy? Interested? Turns out, he was Prince Charming toward the teachers, ignored the other kids (granted, the class had been split in two for the orientation, so there weren't that many other kids there), and LOVED his classroom and all the toys and activities. The train table and ample supply of Thomas trains sealed the deal. His teacher seems a little shy and low-key, but kind.

Sean accepted my departure from the classroom to attend a parents meeting with nary a backward glance. I hope this is a sign that when school starts for real on Tuesday, he will be so interested in playing that he won't mind when I leave him. This will be the first time I've ever left him in the hands of someone he's not related to. I've gotten so used to reports of Sean's development from my sister, co-parent, and fellow Sean idolator Kathie that it will be eye-opening to hear about it from a neutral third party.

Along with others ushering their kids out the door into school for the first time, I am excited and nervous and a little sad at this latest chapter. Sigh. My little boy, now with backpack and cubby.