Saturday, September 10, 2005

Not for the Faint of Stomach

Sean is a sound sleeper. The kid is unperturbed by thunderstorms, his sister's crying, his parents' repeated attempts to rouse him from an impromptu afternoon nap.

Last night, we added another thing to the list of things he can sleep through: excessive vomiting.

Around 10:00 last night I went into Sean's room to check on him, only to discover that he was covered in vomit. As were the pillow, blanket, sheet, mattress pad, bedframe, wall, and adjacent carpet. And there was Sean, completely zonked out and oblivious.

Both Jeff and I found this very disturbing -- if Sean could sleep through such a violent gastrointestinal eruption, what's to prevent him from choking on it? When he was younger and something liked this happened, I chalked it up to his being a baby. But shouldn't throwing up wake him at this point?

After a quick shower, which made him shiver like a newborn, and scouring of his bed and room, he was able to return to sleep. The rest of the night passed peacefully. Unfortunately, the rest of the night ended at 4:30, when Sean informed me that it was time to get up. And so we did (yawn).

He seems okay so far today, but he hasn't felt like eating anything. I hope that the worst is over -- at the least, he doesn't seem to remember last night's trauma that well.