Friday, September 30, 2005

My Baby Don't Care

I'm a big Beatles fan. HUGE. In an attempt to inculcate a similar rabid fan sense in my kids, I've exposed them to a lot of Beatles music.

As with all actions sparked by good intentions, this approach has backfired from time to time. For about 9 months, my post-work ritual would include playing the red "greatest hits" Beatles compilation. Every.Single.Night. And the discs would have to be played in order. If I started with the second CD in that set, Sean would protest loudly: "No! Love Med Do Beatles!" ("Love Me Do" being the first song on the first CD).

Even a die-hard fan will admit to growing tired of hearing the same songs every day for 9 months. Fortunately, that phase passed.

Now, as a result of my laziness in matters of CDs-in-the-car-rotation (or, to be more precise, lack thereof), we have been stuck in a Help! phase. Even Allie is in on the act. Every time we get in the car, there is no end to the "Beatles!" clamoring until I play the CD.

We've also had some semantic disagreements. Have you ever heard, for example, that famous Beatles tune "Chicken to Ride"? No? Me neither, but Sean insists that this is indeed the correct title.

Even a technologic failure hasn't dampened the Fab Four enthusiasm. I just discovered that the CD player in the car doesn't work. When I told the kids this, Sean chose to make lemonade out of this particular lemon --- "Can you sing the songs for us then, Mommy?"

Sucker that I am, I did. At least they had the good taste to ask me to stop singing after three songs.