Monday, September 26, 2005

Little Pitchers, Big Ears, and Slow Drivers

On our way to a great fun family dinner at a family-friendly restaurant, we had the misfortune of getting stuck behind the world's slowest driver. The speed limit was 50 mph, and this driver was doing, I kid you not, 20. In the left lane of a busy highway. No flashers, no braking to indicate possible trouble. And, joy of joys, we followed this car all the way to the restaurant.

Jeff, who is perhaps not the most patient driver in the world, was showing admirable restraint and was only exhaling loudly at the pokey pace. Not Allie. Clearly vexed at our progression, she had reached the end of her rope and shouted "MOVE!"

Huh. Guess she's been paying attention when I drive after all.