Tuesday, September 13, 2005

First Day of Preschool

Success all around. Repeat, success all around. By which I mean no tears from son or mom or dad, no clinging, no separation anxiety. Dropoff was a bit more rushed than I had wanted it to be because we were 10 minutes late. Sean gravitated immediately to the sand table, gave Jeff and me quick hugs, and that was, unceremoniously, that.

Although details are sketchy (if this boy is going to be the muckraking, save-the-world rabble-rouser that his mom so wants her children to be, he simply must beef up his reportorial skills), the following appears to have occurred today:

1. There was a truck, and other kids were playing with the truck, so Sean couldn't play with the truck.
2. He had animal crackers for snack but did not like the apple juice.
3. He used the potty.
4. He sat in a circle and sang a song (but doesn't know what song it was).
5. He played outside on the slides and in the sandbox (in case the quart of sand that I dumped out of his sneakers wasn't a big enough clue).

One of the things I hadn't considered is that Allie and I will now have whole mornings together. Sean gets dedicated mom time each day while Allie takes a nap, but Allie doesn't usually have me to herself. This will be a good thing, I think, once she gets over the odd sensation of not having her constant playmate around. To mark our first morning together, we moped around a bit, read several books, threw an enormous tantrum over the fact that her doll's shoe did not fit her foot (okay, okay, that was really just Allie), and went to Gap (to return the misguided birthday gift) and Trader Joe's (for such necessities as almond butter and garlic pita chips). Not high-quality quality time, but we'll find our groove, I'm sure.

Now we need to work on that tardiness issue.