Monday, August 22, 2005

The summer of road trips has, I believe, come to a close.

We just returned from our last scheduled family visit for the time being -- whew! This one was just terrific. I have a ton of unpacking (and, alas, work; file that one under "Deadlines, Agrees to Unrealistic" in my file cabinet of character flaws) to do, so I will write a longer post tomorrow. For now, though, the important points:

1. Fabulous time with my sister and her kids! I miss them terribly already.

2. I got to meet Phantom Scribbler and her two sweetheart children! It was like meeting some kind of blogging deity, and I was all sorts of nervous about coming across as the village idiot. Of course, I needn't have worried -- she is so friendly and funny and down to earth (you know, pretty much just like she is on her blog). And LG and Baby Blue? Even cuter than they are in their online personae, which is saying something. Phantom's already posted an account of our visit (I'm still blushing from reading it!), and I'll reciprocate in kind, tomorrow. Now, back to unpacking and deadlines . . .