Friday, August 12, 2005

So, What's with the Weird Kid?

Two anecdotes from today -- I can't decide whether they are amusingly quirky or flat-out disturbing:

Anecdote the First

Sean has this rather annoying habit of singing songs whose lyrics consist entirely of nonsense words. Sample refrain: "Atchee doe! Bo Bo Bo Kee Atchee doe!" I am his mother and love him to pieces, but after 15 straight minutes of this I want to rip my hair out. So, we were at an indoor playground that featured a play piano (I know, it's sad that I'm resorting to this in August, when we should be playing outside, but it was 95 degrees outside today and we were BORED). With an audience of strangers for the first time, Sean pounded away on the keys, belting out his Random Syllable repertoire. All the other parents were stealing glances at him and smiling. I hope in a kind way, but I'm not sure.

Now, I have Issues (that's a capital I in case you didn't notice) about being on the outlying rings of social circles, particularly the make-fun-of and/or exclude ring. I don't want my children to experience what I did as a child, so I'm quite sensitive to any behavior that might peg them as "weird."

Does this odd singing thing count? Or am I just projecting my own neuroses?

Anecdote the Second

Sean was sitting on my bed, playing with a truck and making a strange noise. He asked, "Mommy, where is the mouse?" (Note: We don't have mice that I know of.)

"I don't know, Sean. What mouse?"

"The one in my mouth!"

"What's the mouse doing in your mouth?"

"Eating my tongue!" (Hysterical laughter.)

And with that icky image, I bid you good night.