Wednesday, August 31, 2005

I Know That Committing These Words to Bits and Bytes Is Tempting Fate. . .

But we may be on more sure footing with the whole potty training thing. I admit that I have been more than a little envious at the progress my former compadres in potty recalcitrance -- Phantom Scribbler and Danigirl -- have written about. Once again I despaired that Sean would just never get it. Or care, to put a finer point on it.

In the past few days, after a rather disastrous weekend highlighted by too-numerous-to count clothing changes, Sean has had almost no accidents of a wet nature. He's been a lot more amenable to using the potty throughout the day, and he's kept dry even in Pullups. We haven't progressed to the point at which he's telling me he needs to go (I'm still asking him every 20 minutes or so), but compared to where we were a week ago, I'm thrilled. And those accidents of a, umm, more solid nature? I've decided to just take those in stride -- heck, we have an entire week and a half to iron that out before preschool starts!