Sunday, July 17, 2005

Our Southern Sojourn

We are such the well-traveled family lately. Just got back from a brief trip to northern Virginia to visit the newlyweds, MK and D. Lots of fun, even though I felt like we were the traveling circus that invaded their placid little nest. I think they kind of dig our kids quite a bit, so it might not have been as disruptive as I'm fearing. And unlike on our last trip, bedtime did not take 2 and a half hours -- the kids were asleep within 30 minutes! Alas, so was Jeff….

On the way home, we stopped to visit Jeff's aunt and uncle. They've been really wonderful to us over the years, and we're quite fond of them. As long as we do not discuss the vast political chasm that separates us, all is well.

After we ate lunch, Jeff's aunt was showing some toys to Sean and Allie that she keeps for her granddaughter's visits. Then she pulls out something else -- "Look, we have a toy for us grown-ups, too!" It was, I kid you not, a George Bush doll. That TALKS. I can't remember what the doll said: after the first utterance -- "Freedom comes at a price"-- I covered my ears and ran from the room. Jeff's aunt and uncle were goodnatured about my reaction (I think that it's one of the reasons they pulled out the doll).

Sadly, Sean just loved the doll and asked if he could bring it home. You will all be proud of my self-restraint when I tell you that I calmly said "No, that's Aunt J's. It stays at her house" rather than "Are you out of your MIND?" I'm telling you, that thing creeped me out.

Oh, and regarding traffic in the DC area? Completely insane. It's good to be home!