Thursday, July 21, 2005

The Calm after the Storm

Things will be quiet in this miniscule pocket of the Internet for the next week or so.

Saturday is Jeff's brother's wedding, and we all have very important roles to play: Jeff, best man; me, bridesmaid; Sean, ring bearer; Allie, not-quite-the-flower-girl. Proving, for once, the value of form over function, Allie will be wearing a flower girl dress but will not have to perform any flower girl duties (a wise decision for all concerned).

Sean's been practicing carrying a pillow in preparation for the big day. He has done very well with that, except for the third trip down the hallway, which ended with him hurling himself on the glider rocker and dramatically exclaiming, "I don't WANT to be the ring bearer, no I don't!" Since then he's reclaimed the ring bearer title with relish, so I think it was just a temporary setback.

The day after the wedding, there's a family/wedding party day at a baseball game. And then, we leave for a week at the beach.

(Oh, no, we're not feeling stressed at all.)

So, like I said, you probably won't hear much from me till next week. If I can carve out a little time on Sunday, I'll post some photos from the wedding. And when I return for real, I'm sure I'll have lots of entertaining stories to tell. Well, stories of moderate interest, at least.

See ya!