Sunday, June 26, 2005

Yes, We Did Have Fun, But...

I whisked the kids through the bath-story-bed process extra early tonight because they. have. worn. me. out.

Since Jeff is away this week (in Merry Olde England this time), I have been seeking to fill my dance card. You know, lots of Enriching and Fun Activities to keep boredom and stir-craziness at bay.

Today we went to a petting zoo and, after collapsing under the weight of what surely was 150% humidity, went swimming at my sister's house. All the while we had tantrums, we had whining, we had sibling-on-sibling squabbling, we had the pushing of all my buttons. There are simply no more buttons left to push. Bedtime was the only solution.

Now, buttonless, I am seeking the comfort of my couch, M&Ms, and Middlesex.