Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Seeking Validation as a Technological Fallback

Dear Readers,

Did you know that my hit counter is NOT working? And hasn't been working since yesterday evening? You might not realize this about me, but I do not function well in a blog vacuum. I am more or less a slave to the hit counter, and its ongoing on-the-fritzness is driving my batty.

I came up with a brilliant idea -- if you leave a comment saying that you were here, I'll know someone was visiting! (No obligation, of course.) I'll post a note when Bravenet gets its act together and fixes its counter.

Kind regards,

A Clearly Desperate, Validation-Seeking Blogger

UPDATED: I've installed SiteMeter on a trial basis -- since it seems to be actually, you know, working, it already has a leg up over Bravenet! So you don't have to leave a comment, unless you'd like to just say hi for no real reason. I love comments as much as I rely on my hit counter!