Thursday, June 16, 2005

Potty Misery Loves Company

Just wanted to let you all know that Julia has saved you from having to answer my own desperate plea for potty training help. Although her experience isn't exactly the same as mine, it's darn near close enough that the comments she's been receiving are exactly the type I was going to solicit.

Sean's basic response to my efforts thus far is essentially "Leave me alone. I want to play. I don't want to pee in the potty, and your asking me every 37 seconds is getting really annoying. So henceforth I will ignore you." Sticker charts, Thomas the Tank Engine and Bob the Builder underpants, special rewards for a completed sticker chart -- none of it has had a lasting effect. He uses the potty when he feels like it. Period.

Preschool, with its students-must-be-potty-trained dictum, starts in September. By my calculations, that leaves us 2.5 months to whip up at least a semblance of bladder control.

But like I said, you're off the hook, unless, of course, you want to make me feel better about having a 3+ -year-old who doesn't feel any compelling need to abandon his diapers, ever.