Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Manolo's Shoe Blog This Is Not

Just like the Wicked Witch of the West, I have been in hot pursuit of a pair of silver shoes.

(Related tangent: Like most kids, I suspect, I had seen the movie version of The Wizard of Oz several times before reading the book. When I did read the book, I was flummoxed and annoyed over what I considered a major betrayal: "Silver shoes? Where are the RUBY SLIPPERS?" Anyone know the reason for that switch? Was it just the fact that red sparkly shoes would look better in Technicolor?)

Did I mention that I will soon be donning another bridesmaid's dress? I'm in my brother-in-law's wedding in July, and the bride has requested that we wear silver shoes with our red dresses. I hadn't had much luck -- the silver shoes I've seen tend to be on the, ahem, gaudy side, with more than a few achieving a Trifecta of tackiness: metallic spike heels, rhinestones, and clear plastic, all in one convenient package!

Just this short of despairing that I'd need to spend $75 if I were to have a pair of classy silver shoes, I zipped through yet another mall today before going to pick Sean and Allie up at my sister's. In the last place I looked, I found a reasonably nonflashy, elegant pair at a good price. You know where I found them? Sears. Really. Where one's grandmother might buy her shoes.

Oh well. I have a feeling that my shoes won't exactly be the focal point of the day. I think the gorgeous bride might catch a smidge more attention. (As will the adorable ring bearer -- especially if, as I'm envisioning, Sean decides that he'd rather run through the pews at the church, yelling "I don't want to!", instead of walking carefully down the aisle...)