Monday, May 30, 2005

Transitions and New Obsessions

Since I've been more solipsistic than usual lately, you might be more than ready for an update on the other members of the Mimilou household.

Mr. Sean is now crib-free. Last week we finally moved him into his big-boy bed, and the transition has not been exactly seamless. The first night was the worst. An erratic sleep cycle during the preceding week (part of which we chalked up to his growing dislike of his crib) had left him eggshell fragile, and his reaction to sleeping in his bed tipped the hysteria scales. Since then, things have been better. I'm not too worried about him roaming during the night -- once asleep, he doesn't wake up till morning. Bedtime, though, will continue to be our biggest problem. Now that he's more mobile, keeping him in his bed, or at least his room, until he's asleep will require additional levels of patience on our part. So. If anyone happens to have any spare patience, let me know.

Allie's language development continues to amaze me. Most of her speech consists of actual words now, and I can usually translate even the gibberish. She has the sweetest baby voice I've ever heard. And the sincerity of her delivery never fails to make to smile: Before naptime, for example, she'll shout merrily "Goodnight, DaddySean!! Nap!! See morning!!! Bye!!! Doggie!!!" [Her best friend and in the whole wide world and required sleeping companion is her stuffed Labrador retriever.]

Which leaves Jeff. Did you know that you can DOWNLOAD music from the Internet? Oh, you did? Well, we're a little slow on the uptake around here. Jeff recently signed over his soul to the devil at iTunes. Now we have to thumb-wrestle to see who gets the computer -- me for blogging or Jeff for downloading music. "Look! I've got 39 songs for only $39!" he told me. Yes, and only 120 other songs currently marked for downloading! What are the penalties for free filesharing these days?

On the bright side, Jeff did download, at my request, two songs that make me dance around the room like a, well, mid-to-late-30's white chick who can't really dance, but still, just hearing them makes me feel weightless and happy: "Hyperactive" by Robert Palmer and "Don't Want to Fall in Love" by Jane Child.

(I think the sound I just heard was your respect for my musical taste just crashing through to the basement. That's okay. I can handle it. "Dancing Queen" is my next download!)