Thursday, May 12, 2005


Even before I was pregnant with Sean, I harbored fond visions of taking my kids to storytime at the library. Fostering a love of reading, supporting the library, strengthening our community ties -- oh, it will be wonderful, I thought.

Since my library has storytime for toddlers only in the morning and only during the week (and don't think I didn't fume over that perceived slight against working mothers), I couldn't take Sean until I stopped working. This week was our inaugural session.

I was a little concerned that Miss Busy Bee would be the rate-limiting factor here. Last week I asked one of the children's librarians about bringing a 19-month-old to the 3-year-old storytime. "As long as she's not disruptive, sure," she answered. "Oh, she'll be fine," I said, thinking, instead, "Well, that rules us out."

I decided to attempt it anyway, and stuffed the diaper bag with a variety of small toys to distract Allie from the larger appeal of running hither and yon, shrieking. Turns out that I needn't have worried about occupying her for the 45-minute session. We left after 5 minutes.

Sean took one look at the group of kids sitting in a semi-circle around the storyteller and decided that he wanted no part of it. That's not too surprising -- I had expected some initial reluctance. With my usual clumsy stroller-navigation skills, banging into chairs and tables along the way, I managed to steer us all toward the back of the room (where the other parents were sitting). I sat on the floor with Sean and tried to engage his interest in the story. No dice. "I want to go out THERE!" he kept shouting, pointing to the main children's room. "I want to get a TRUCK book! I don't WANT to listen the story!" I knew where things were heading; Sean the Implacable would not be swayed. So we left.

By now, you’d think I'd know better to tone down such lofty expectations. But I'm not giving up my dream -- just call me Don Quixote. We will try again next week.

(Not that sporadic posting is anything out of the ordinary here at Mimilou, but I have out-of-town guests this weekend and won't be around much. See you all next week.)