Thursday, May 26, 2005

One Way That Jerry Seinfeld and I Are Alike

So jo(e) thinks I need to do the cereal meme that all the cool kids are doing. How can I resist a meme about my favorite food?

When do you eat it? And how often?
Every day for breakfast. For dinner more times a week than I'd care to admit.

How many boxes do you buy each week?
Two or three.

What are your favorite cereals?
Well, there are the cereals I eat because I am a grown-up and am trying to eat somewhat healthy foods, and then there are the cereals I LOVE but don't eat too often because of the sugar content. In the former category we have Total, Cheerios, Wheaties, and shredded oat squares (some organic cereal whose name I don't recall). In the latter category we have Apple Jacks and Honeycomb and Fruity Pebbles. See, gastronomically I'm still 8.

What kind will you not eat?
I cannot abide anything with raisins or dried fruit. Also, Grapenuts. Any difference between Grapenuts and sand is purely coincidental.

What is the secret about cereal that you don't always admit?
There have been days on which I have eaten cereal for breakfast, dinner, and a snack (healthy types for the former two meals, and something akin to Chocolate-Frosted Sugar Bombs for snack [boy, do I miss Calvin and Hobbes]).

What liquid do you pour on your cereal?
Low-fat or skim milk.

What do you put on top of your cereal?
A little sugar, but only on unsweetened cereal. I know I have revealed myself to be a sugar-holic, but even I won't stoop so low as to put sugar on my Apple Jacks.

Do you prefer cereal or other foods for breakfast?
Only cereal. I am EXTREMELY displeased when my breakfast consists of anything but cereal. You'd think I would have learned to be more flexible about this. I have not.

Do you have any cereal-related rituals or other oddities?
No, but my husband and everyone in his immediate family do -- they do not put milk on their cereal. They might drink a glass of milk along with the cereal, but for them the combination of cereal plus milk is anathema. What a bunch of weirdoes, I tell you.

Favorite cereal memories?Going on vacation to Provincetown and relieving myself of the duty to eat a responsible breakfast. These trips were the only times I would eat Fruity Pebbles for breakfast and not feel one shred of guilt.