Monday, May 16, 2005

The house is so quiet. The immediate post-bedtime period always is, but it seems especially so now that our four houseguests have departed. (Who, by the way, were Jeff's parents and sisters.)

The big event this weekend was my brother-in-law's fiance's wedding shower. I hadn't mentioned this beforehand on the infinitesimal chance that she reads my blog -- unlike MK's shower, this one was a surprise. It was a do-it-yourself event; even with the 8 (!) bridesmaids it took a huge amount of work to pull together. I think it all paid off; G was surprised, no major hitches occurred, the housewares industry was amply supported. Quite a nice shindig, actually.

As I've mentioned, I love when my in-laws come to visit. Our kids are their first grandchildren; to say that they dote would be a rather large understatement. And for the duration of each visit, Jeff's sisters become the stars in Sean and Allie's firmament. My role, in turn, becomes that of the hired help. My attempts at hugs are met with such touching statements as "Not right now, Mommy. I'm playing with Aunt J"; if I dare sidle up to Sean on the sofa, I hear "No, no, no! I don't want to sit next to you. I want to sit with Aunt N." Warms the heart, truly.

Temporary bitterness notwithstanding, I'm thrilled that my kids have such a terrific extended family, on both sides. It's not an experience to which I can readily relate. I did have a wonderful relationship with my grandparents, but now that they are deceased, there isn't much left: my mom has just one childless, unmarried brother, and I am not too close to my dad's family (no specific falling out ever occurred -- it's just that they have always lived far away from my immediate family and that we haven't seen them much since my father died).

Did you ever have one of those posts that ended up in an entirely different direction that the one you intended? And one for which the reader would need a roadmap to follow? And you want to post something, for heaven's sake, before your 5 readers abandon you completely, so you post a disjointed mess anyway? Sorry! I'll claim post-party exhaustion and call it a night.