Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Ding, Dong the Bells Are Gonna Chime. . .

Oh, it was a great day. All the pieces assembled themselves gracefully -- from my semi-observer/semi-participant viewpoint, it was a smashing success of a wedding.

Can you indulge me for a moment as I wax rhapsodic about the dress? It was perfect for MK, both her svelte frame and her personality. All that elegant, gorgeous beading on the bodice was duplicated on the train, like so:

Just as pretty from the back Posted by Hello

Divine, simply divine. I had seen pictures of the dress, but I just about cried when I saw her walk down the stairs wearing it for the first time.

The actual crying took place during the ceremony. As expected, I got quite teary-eyed when MK and her father walked down the aisle. At the outset of the vows, I was fine, I tell you, completely composed. Funny how composure can shatter with a few simple emotion-choked vows from the bride! Thank goodness for waterproof mascara. (Yes, I did plunge off the frivolity cliff and had my makeup done. A lot of effort was spent to make my face look "fresh and natural". As opposed to its unadulterated state, which I freely admit bears more than a passing resemblance to the complexion of a corpse.)

MK and D's path to the altar was a little, shall we say, circuitous. They've been friends for 18 years, and it wasn't until about 18 months ago that they decided to explore a more-than-friendship relationship. To paraphrase MK's sister's toast at the reception, if you flipped through the dictionary and came across the words "patience" and "persistence", you might see D's picture next to the definitions. It's really been amazing to witness these two friends discover each other all over again.

Their joy on Saturday was infectious. When MK and D entered the reception room for the first time, MK looked positively buoyant, swooshing down the staircase with more than a little theatrical flair. And I will never forget D boinging about like a gleeful pogostick to Smashmouth's version of "I'm a Believer."

The husband of one of the bridesmaids remarked to Jeff and me that this was the best wedding he had ever been to, including his own. My wedding aside, I tend to agree with him. (Completely off the subject, after hearing about his plans to visit his family in India with his two small children by himself, I can't in good conscience ever complain about traveling to see Jeff's parents again.)

A few days before the wedding, MK said that she had a hard time seeing past the wedding itself. "What, that whole marriage thing?" I replied. "Worry about that later."

And now that "later" is here, I can't help but feel sad. MK didn’t just get married -- she's also moving 3 hours away. For the first time outside of college, she won't be a 15-minute drive from me. I'm already regretting the number of times I had to decline an invitation to do something with her because of the kids, the number of times I could have rearranged things or gotten a babysitter. Don't get me wrong, I am beyond happy for her and D; I just wish, like the spoiled youngest child that I am, that her new life would unfold in close proximity to mine. But 3 hours isn't exactly a cross-country distance, now is it?

In closing, jo(e) had asked if there were more photos of the event. I realize that I probably shouldn't post anything else so publicly without asking MK's permission (and she's a little preoccupied with her honeymoon at the moment), but I will put together an Ofoto page and e-mail the link to anyone interested. If you are, just leave a comment (or e-mail me-- the address is on the About page).