Thursday, April 21, 2005

Too tired for the longer post that I was going to write tonight.

In the meantime:

Why am I so morbidly enthralled by real-life before-and-after cosmetic surgery shows? Not that god-awful "Extreme Makeover" -- I mean shows about people with horrific facial abnormalities who go through endless rounds of surgery.

The one I was watching tonight focused on a little boy (who might have been all of 3) with a syndrome I'd never heard of. As they were wheeling the boy out of surgery, his entire face swollen and bruised, Jeff walked into the room. He took one look at me, tears welling already, and another at the TV. Bad idea for the man who needs to close his eyes during a large portion of "ER." The force with which he turned his head away from the TV must have caused some degree of whiplash. "Why do you watch this stuff?" he grumbled. Fortunately for him, Sean needed me to sing him yet another bedtime song.

I never did find out what happened to the little boy.