Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Long Day Ahead

So, if anyone happens to notice me slumped over my keyboard at work, here's why.

I'm playing the role of single parent this week since Jeff is traveling, and so far it's gone really well. Last night was a bit of a challenge, though.

At 1:30 a.m., Sean awoke because his diaper sprang a leak. Mass changes ensued: diaper, pajamas, sheet, mattress pad, pillowcase (yes, that was one far-reaching flood). By this point Sean was wide, wide awake (as he put it) and not inclined to return to sleep. For the next 2 hours, we both tried to fall asleep. I had Sean join me in my bed, thinking that the coziness might work some magic. Nope. Instead, we had lots of tossing and turning, playing with his Thomas train, fiddling with my hair, and asking me "Can we go downstairs now?"

Finally, finally, Sean fell asleep. Just as I was dozing off, Act II began in Allie's room. She settled down after I lay on the floor in her room, but she didn't fall asleep. So I had to lie there for another hour until at last she was breathing regularly. Just to be safe, I crept out of her room on all fours -- hey, I'm not above any behavior that will allow me safe egress from the room of a just-fallen-asleep child.

I did snatch a few hours of sleep after that, just in time for Allie's wake-up call at 6:15.

On days like this, I wish I liked coffee or tea. Is 9:00 too early for Diet Dr. Pepper?