Sunday, February 20, 2005

The Newest Addition to Our Family

I knew it had to happen eventually, yet somehow I wasn't prepared for the shift in loyalties. Once a devotee of Elmo and Caillou, Sean has now been indoctrinated into the cult of Bob the Builder and Thomas the Tank Engine.

It all happened so fast. Essentially, all it took was seeing the shows back to back one Sunday morning (the only day of the week that our PBS station broadcasts them). From then on, Sean was hooked. One Monday he became so distraught over the fact that there would be no Thomas or Bob that day that Jeff made a special trip to Target to buy a DVD of each. (Plus, Sean was sick. How could we resist?)

It appears that Thomas has a loftier position than Bob in this new hierarchy. The Thomas train that Jeff bought Sean has quickly become a member of the family. He sleeps with Sean, sits on the kitchen table at each meal, accompanies Sean to my sister's house, perches on the bathroom counter as Sean takes his bath. During a round of Simon Says the other night, Sean exhorted Thomas: "Simon says put your wheels in the air, Thomas!"

The appeal of the show is utterly beyond my comprehension. Even Allie has no interest in it. Not Sean---he is mesmerized by each episode. Jeff and I believe that the sole purpose of the show is actually to entice parents into buying all 852 vehicles that apparently reside with Thomas in Tidmouth Sheds.

If I had to choose, I supposed I'd have to pick Bob the Builder over Thomas. Something about Bob's can-do attitude just appeals to me. After watching the show today, Sean asked me, "Mommy, after my nap today, can we go to Bob the Builder's house?" I said something like "Sure, we can pretend to visit him later today." Pity it would just be pretending---we could really use someone like Bob to fix up our house.