Monday, January 17, 2005

Our company has left, and as always I'm sad to see them leave. Jeff's parents and his sisters stayed with us this weekend. I really enjoy their visits, especially because Sean and Allison so clearly adore their grandparents and aunts. When they were all leaving, I think Sean was overwhelmed by the hustle and bustle and by the prospect of saying goodbye---he wouldn't even give anyone a hug; he just looked at them out the window as they packed the car and drove away.

After they left, he asked me no fewer than 20 times, "Where Nana and Granddad? Where Aunt Natalie? Where Aunt Jamie?" Each time I had to give the full explanation: "They had to take Aunt Natalie back to school and then go back to their house." If I didn't include the first part, he'd correct me: "Mommy, they had to take Aunt Natalie back! THEN go home."

A rational person might ask why he continued to ask the question. But as I've discovered, to the toddler mindset rationality is a concept that lacks resonance. So I just answer the question.

I had off today, and it was one of those almost-perfect days that make me feel I am the most competent parent with the most charming, well-behaved children on earth. To top it off, right before bathtime Sean was helping me put new sheets on the bed as Jeff got changed after work (by "helping", I mean that he sat on top of the bed and put the pillowcases on top of his head like a cape). At one point, he exclaimed, "We're best friends!" Pointing at each of us, he said, "Daddy, Mommy, Allie, and Sean. We're best friends. I love you!"

It doesn't get much better than that.