Saturday, November 06, 2004

Lofty Discourse

More or less a continuous scene, with just a few intermediary events snipped:

"Sean, sweetie, let me see your face. I need to wipe your nose. There, that's better.

"Allie, no steps! Please come over here. Let's play with the blocks. Oh, okay, we can play with Mommy's shoes instead. No, they don't go in your mouth. Here, give those to me. Let's play with something else.

"No, honey, Sean is playing with the cars. Please give that back to him. Thank you. No, please don't take that car, either. It’s okay, Sean, here you go.

"I don't know where the black police car is, Sean. Here's the blue one, though… . Okay, okay! I'll go look for the black car. Don't get upset, sweetie, we'll find it.

"Allie, give that car back to Sean! Sean, you DO NOT shove your sister. You can use your words to tell her to stop, but it is not okay to shove.

"Allie, get down from the steps, please. Sean, please do not swing between the couch and the coffee table."


"Sean, I think you need a diaper … Allie, please do not touch the diaper. No, no, wipes, either. NO, NOT THE DIRTY DIAPER! Sean, stop kicking please. Sean, STOP KICKING. Allie, give me those wipes.

"Allie, I will be right back! Please don't cry, honey---I'm just going into the bathroom for a minute. Oh, hi, Allie. Nothing exciting to see in here, really. No, let's not play with the toilet paper. Here, give me that. I'm sorry, honey, but you can’t climb into the trash can. What do you have in your mouth? Toilet paper? Let me get that out, and no biting!"

8:30 a.m., and the fun's just beginning!