Thursday, November 25, 2004

Fond Thanksgiving Memories in the Making

Well, we did it---we survived another Thanksgiving dinner with our two young ones. My sister hosted again this year, and from what I've heard the meal was splendid.

I wouldn't know, since I managed to eat about four bites of food. Immediately upon being seated in her highchair, Allison turned into Leona Helmsley. She SHRIEKED throughout the entire meal because the two seconds between bites of food was entirely too long for someone of her exalted status to withstand. If she could talk, I imagine she would have been saying, "WHERE IS THE TURKEY? No, not the turkey on my tray, you silly woman! The OTHER TURKEY! The one that's on your plate! Yes, I know I'm still chewing . . . Hey, lady, let's pick up the pace a bit. I need squash NOW NOW NOW! And potatoes! Now pick up my cup that I've pitched onto the floor!"

Meanwhile, Sean was happily consuming his dinner---traditional Thanksgiving waffles, just like our pilgrim ancestors ate that cold fall day long ago.

I wonder if we'll be invited back again next year.