Thursday, October 07, 2004

Stangely Quiet

In the room next to me, there is no thumping, banging, singing, or chatting going on. To anyone who has lived in our house for the past 2 weeks, this seems a little odd. Surely the occupant of that room should be playing with his menagerie of stuffed animals in the semi-dark, oblivious to the fact that the lack of light in his room is a pretty universal signal for TIME TO GO SLEEP.

I've been almost holding my breath, waiting for "MOMMEEEE!! Mommymommymommymommy MOMMMEEE!!! Can you sing? Can you lay down on the piddow? Can you get [Insert whatever stuffed animal fell out of his crib]?" Since Jeff is not home (he's at a swanky hotel receiving an award for a video he produced for work), there would be no trading off these missions into Sean's room tonight.

For whatever reason, though, Sean was calm and quiet when I said goodnight and left his room. And he's stayed that way. Maybe the CD of lullabye music we decided to try playing after putting him to bed has had the intended soporific effect tonight. Or maybe he was just really tired. Either way, it's a nice break from the 2-hour bedtime marathons we've been having around here lately.

Now if only Allison would sleep through the night …