Friday, July 02, 2004

Busy, busy, busy

No, not me (that's just a given). I'm talking about Allison. Good God in heaven is that girl a tornado.

With Sean we had relative inertia until 9 1/2 months, when he officially learned to crawl. In no particular hurry to become bipedal, he began walking at around 14 months.

Allison saw the bar, lowered it, and proceeded to crawl right over it. She's been crawling since about 7 months, and now, at 9 months (Happy Birthday, Allie!), she is pulling herself up onto every available vertical or elevated surface. The height of the surface doesn't matter, nor does the stability. She uses chairs, tables, sofas, walls, my legs, Sean's shoulders (you can imagine how well that goes over), the toy dumptruck (approximately 5 inches high and, as the name would suggest, a wheeled vehicle).

Did I mention the crawling speed? She darts with alarming velocity toward the most dangerous or undesirable object. Stairs seem to be a favorite right now. She can climb about 5 stairs faster than I can type this. And then, thrilled with her daring feat, she turns around, smiles at me, and shrieks with laughter.

Changing her diaper or outfit tends to be one of the most frustrating experiences in any given day. It simply does not fit into Allie's agenda to stay still, on her back, for several seconds straight. She immediately flips over and attempts to crawl away. I've pretty much abandoned the changing table in favor of the floor because the chances of her charging straight off the table are pretty good. I often have to chase after her to get the diaper own, then maneuver the dirty diaper out of her reach (if there's one thing Allie loves it's a diaper---and she's entirely unconcerned with the cleanliness status of the diaper). After more twisting, wailing (usually her but sometimes, I confess, me), and wrangling, we finally emerge with a clean diaper and new outfit. She's ready to move on to more adventures, and I'm ready for a nap.