Thursday, June 17, 2004

Westward Ho ... and Back

Well, we all survived our trip to Pittsburgh. Despite my dark fears that we'd be on the PA Turnpike for 8 hours, stuck in a traffic jam with two shrieking children, the drive itself turned out to be almost completely benign.

Sean had a fabulous time at his grandparents'—I know the weekend was for Natalie and her graduation, but Sean and Allie seemed to receive (and bask in) a fair amount of limelight themselves. Sean in particular blossoms in the presence of other people (he must take after me [that's sarcasm, people, in case you couldn't recognize it]). Of all Sean's cute moments, for me the cutest was his karaoke performance. His star-making rendition of "Strangers in the Night" had Jeff and me nearly in tears. It went something like this:


Miss Allie had trouble adjusting to the different environment, especially at night. As a result, none of us got too much sleep. She also developed an acute case of Mommyitis; she cried whenever I left the room or gave her to someone else to hold, or if she saw me walk by or enter the room. I will admit to be slightly proud of the attachment, but at the same time I felt bad for others who wanted to spend time with her and weren't really able to.

Next stop, the shore ... a tiny house, eight adults, one toddler, and one baby. And one bathroom. Stay tuned for the Brigantine Travelogue.