Monday, May 24, 2004

Well, one entry per month isn't too pathetic, is it? It's just that, you know, life gets in the way. The usual culprits are to blame: my prodigious capacity for frittering time away, and, oh right, my children! Not long after my first post, Jeff and I weathered one of our worst weeks since becoming parents. It seemed like we (well, Sean, Allison, and I) contracted every conceivable common illness in the span of 1 week. Jeff managed to stay healthy, but that 10-day period sapped his strength and usual good humor.

Now that I'm back, what to write about? I've been submerged in reading parenting blogs lately. I spend each lunch hour feverishly devouring an ever-growing number of blogs. I'm so envious of other mothers who obviously have their act much more together than I do because they somehow can update their blogs at least a few times a week. And write well, to boot.

I'd resisted the urge to create a blog myself because of timidity and a reluctance to expose my writing for all the world to see (well, more likely the five people who might actually ever read this). I'm a good editor, but I don't consider myself a writer. Between anxiety over the mechanics of my writing and worry over how trivial/weakly argued/specious/superficial the content may appear, it's a wonder I've gotten this far!

Now that I've laid bare some of my basic insecurities and revealed myself to be entirely too self-conscious, let's move on!