Tuesday, May 25, 2004

Single Mother Not Much Longer

Jeff returns from his four-day trip to Boston tomorrow. Whew! This single mothering gig was fun, but now that I know I can handle it I'm glad not to have to do it for much longer. Since Jeff's been gone, Sean and I have had a variation of the following conversation each morning:

"Daddy still asleep!"

"No, Daddy's not here, remember? He went on an airplane for work. He'll be home soon."

Pause as Sean processes this information.

"Daddy in Mommy and Daddy's room!"

"No, honey. Daddy will be home soon."

"Daddy take car to work!"

"Daddy took an airplane for work, Sean. We'll see him soon!"

Furrowed brow, then an epiphany.

"Daddy in airplane up in the sky. Go see Aunt Beth. Be home soon."

Ah, comprehension at last. I love those moments of clarity. And Jeff was so worried that Sean would forget him!