Monday, May 24, 2004

Hey, want to read about my kids?

They're my favorite topic, after all.

I know that committing this to print is going to come back to bite me in a cosmic way, but... Allison sleeps so much better than Sean. Our struggles with his sleeping have reached legendary proportions in our minds, so we have been pleasantly surprised at the relative ease with which Allison's nights proceed. In most cases, she either sleeps through the night or wakes up just once because she can't find her pacifier. She awakes between 6:15 and 6:45, refreshed and ready for another day of constant grabbing, gumming, and wriggling across the floor. Granted, sometimes her nights get a little stickier than this---if the pacifier doesn’t comfort her, we are in for a good half-hour of walking around and bouncing. No rocking in the rocking chair for this on-the-go modern girl; she wants the steady progressive movement that only walking and bouncing provide. But compared to Sean and his sometimes-multiple awakenings each night, which were punctuated by several failed attempts at putting him in his crib, each met with another round of hysteria, Allison's nocturnal journey is pretty easy. I know this could all change (and probably will) with teething and illness, but for now we're enjoying it.

And then there's Sean, so cute, so vexing, so very two. He can be sweet and affectionate one moment and aloof and independent the next.

Here's Sean the Sweet: At one end of the upstairs hall, he shouts "Mommy!" and gives me a big hug, then runs down the hall to Jeff, shouts "Daddy!", and hugs his legs. And then back to me; repeat the rubberband game indefinitely. We never tire of it.

Since every yin must have its yang, we also sometimes live with Ivan the Terrible Toddler: Toys thrown across the floor, punctuated by a vehement "Hey!"; kicking and screaming meltdowns over the slightest hint that he might not get his way; food intake so restricted that we can currently count the types of food he will eat on one hand (and at Sean's cafe, substitutions are not cheerfully welcomed, thank you very much).

I've tried writing a few different endings to this post, but they all skirted too close to one of those saccharine motherhood cliches ("Despite all the trials, it's just so worth it!!!"). Yuck. So I'll just end by saying that it's time to go to bed, because sleep is my biggest craving right now.